Friday, 28 December 2012

Sweet Tribeca Spot


Satisfy your sweet tooth at the Soda Shop in Tribeca.

Watch the video about this cozy spot and answer the questions.

1.    What’s the first impression, according to the presenter, when walking into the Soda Shop?
a.    It hasn’t sold candy for years
b.    It’s an old store in need of modernizing
c.    It’s like going back in time
d.    It’s got candy that no kid likes any more
2.    Where is the store placed?
a.    Below a hotel
b.    Below Canal St.
c.    Below Broadway
d.    Below several chambers
3.    Does the Soda shop open in the morning?
a.    Yes, for school kids
b.    Yes, for hotel guests
c.    Yes, to serve brunch
d.    Yes, to serve hot chocolate
4.    Name some of the shop specialties
__________ cream
Lime __________
__________ and hot chocolates
5.    What kind of candy do they store?
a.    Traditional candy
b.    Waxy candy
c.    Modern candy
d.    Edible candy
6.    What sort of dinners do they offer?
a.    Trendy dinners
b.    Nostalgic dinners
c.    Family dinners
d.    Sweet dinners
7.    They’ve got a best customer that asks for a __________ coke every day
a.    Diet
b.    Low-calory
c.    Genuine
d.    Cherry
8.    What was egg cream said to have in it during the Depression?
a.    Heavy cream and egg
b.    Heavy cream and soda
c.    Sour cream and egg
d.    Skimmed cream and soda

9.    Why was that said to people who’d buy it in the street?
a.    To make it more delicate
b.    To make it more pricey
c.    To make it tastier
d.    To make it more elaborate
10.  Put the steps to make NY egg cream in the correct order from 1 to 6.
a.    Spin it vigorously and keep the head white
b.    Add sparkling NY seltzer
c.    Top it up with more seltzer until it runs down a little bit
d.    Add 1 ½ to 2 shots of chocolate syrup
e.    Two or three inches of iced cold milk
f.     Head it with the steady string of the seltzer

When you think you are ready, check your score using the answer key sheet.

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