Thursday, 29 November 2012

The Value of Wrinkles

A tribute to grandparents

Have a look at the picture above and comment on what it suggests to you, what memories, if any, come to your mind when you see the three characters in it.

Next, read the article entitled Friendship in old age.

Surprised at what you have just read? Do you think the film will have an important message to send? If so, which one?

Next, watch the trailer below and learn more about it all following the link to the film website.

What do you think the film is about?

Now listen to Peter Bradshaw, a British writer and film critic. He has already enjoyed the film and is telling us what it is about. 

Were you right?

Get some more glimpses of Wrinkles and think of your grandparents, your memories of them, an outstanding episode in your lives, what the value of their wrinkles is, what they have taught you, what you have learnt from them, and any other detail that pays a tribute to grandparents.

And finally, the warmest task, which consists of pinning about your grandparents onto our Pinterest Wall: The Value of Wrinkles

Add your pin with a picture and your tribute; grandparents and their wrinkles deserve it!


  1. This image shows three old people speaking quiet and happily, maybe about their memories shown in the background photos. They look old friends having an amusing conversation.

  2. The first thing that comes to mind whenever we look at the picture is on one hand sadness because most people suffer from diseases. On the other hand it made me feel happy because we think that anybody who has got retired should feel lucky.

  3. I told my mate my point of view about my mother's grandparents. My grandpa died very young because of an accident. He lived during the spanish civil war and he was very frightened about dying because of the war. At the end, the war was finished and he came back to home. My grandpa had got three kids: my mother, an older brother and the little sister. He use to work in the railway company as a driver. Once, when driving the train, he got his head out of the wagon. A signal of the railway was bent and he hit his head against it. Then, he died. My grandma was very young when this accident happened. She lived with her parents in law. Her father-in-law got mad because of that. She and her mother-in-law had to work very hard. That's why they were two women very tough.

  4. Looking at the picture, we had been talking about our memories as grandchildren and the time we spent with our grandparents.

    We shared the way they dressed, behaved and the things they liked to do. we also talked about funny things related to the time they lived in.

  5. This picture made me recall those loving moments I used to spend with my grandmother (my mum´s mother)when just a kid. She was a tough person though a sensible woman; she helped me walk through some of the hardest moments in my life; she unveiled hidden truths (such as "There are no charming princes in this world, my dear. They are all bullshit) And her piece of advice was always: "ALWAYS DO make yourself repected, that´s the key" I have always followed her advice and I always will.

  6. The scene suggest a three old people, maybe two of them are a couple and the tallest is their friend, really he is gay and in the past, both men were lovers.
    The memories that come back to us, are more or less the same for both, we remember our grandparents with affection.

  7. The first time I saw the picture I thought about a group of old people who were happy thinking about their relatives or their own childhood. Once I´ve watched the trailer a person near my family came to my head because she is suffering Alzeimer.

  8. After a lifetime fighting,our last days will be next to a strange family and strange home,wondering what we have done to be so alone, far from our relatives.

  9. The film Wrinkles give us an idea about how the old people live in our society and how this society has a behavior against the old people. Maybe it's the first time in the history that the society don't like to look after the aged people. Without this care we'll lose a lot of expereinces and knowledge. And we sould remember that they cared us when we were children.

  10. the peices of the film I saw made me think how sad it is t
    be old, you lose part of your senses like hearing, understanding. Old people feel alone and I think they need
    the attencion of young people but we are all busy and we do not have time for them. We do not realize we will become like them in a few years.

  11. The scenes we`ve seen in class about the film wrinkles brought to my mind that old people who live alone, because their families can´t be with them or whatever, shouldn´t. I think that they would be better and happier in an old people´s home with the company of other people. They can also have bad moments but it´s always better to pass them with a friend.

  12. We tend to forget how important old people are. They took care of our parents and even of us when we were young and they love us. However, when they need our help becouse they can´t do things by themselves instead of help them we bring them aside of our life. We don´t realize that we will be also old.

  13. Looking at these old three people I remember a lot of beautiful moments I spent with my grandparents during my childhood. I can remember us all together, having a good time... and their faces describing as hapiness as the old people in the picture.

  14. The picture shows us old people, they look happy maybe remenbering things about their past, memories about the background photos.
    Also this image made me thinking about my grandparents, they are very important for me, and I love them a lot!

  15. My gramma died when she was ninety five years old. She didn´t almost recognize me at the end of her life. Although she hardly knew how to write, I will never forget her lessons about life.
    I think the whole family appreciated how much she enriched our lives and so we all shared her last minutes.
    While I was watching wrinkles´ videos, I couldn´t help thinking about her, her lessons and her jokes.

  16. I have watched a Spanish movie called "¿Y tú quién eres?" whose story is very similar to "Wrinkles"
    Despite the fact that both of them are very sad, I like this genre of films.
    My grandparents have looked after me during my chilhood and nowadays they continue being very important on my life.


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