Tuesday, 6 November 2012

The Pleasure Of

Think of ten things which give you pleasure in your everyday life, just small and insignificant things, such as: 

Having a shower. 
Looking at the stars. 
Watching my children sleep. 
Reading the newspaper in the park. 
Drinking coffee in a terrace. 

Now, watch the film below and try to remember as many of the small pleasures that you see as you can.

How many can you recall?

Finally, watch it again and answer the questions below:

How did the film make you feel? 
Do you think the film has a message? 
What's the message of the film? 
Do you think we overlook the small things which make life beautiful? 

Discuss your answers with your mates. Your comments are also welcome!

Lesson from FilmEnglish. The pleasure of.
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