Wednesday, 7 November 2012

About campaigners and addresses

After the USA 2012 Elections have come to an end, we are going to watch both campaigners closely.

First, read this profile about Romney, a Challenger at the Crossroads.

And watch his video A Love Story.

Then, read the profile about Mr Obama's Profile in Courage.

And watch his video The Final Push: It's on us.

Think of the most outstanding features of both politicians, their weak and strong points, what calls your attention about both of them and what puts you off. 
Take into account the importance of words and phrases, how both speeches are built in each video clip, who makes the speeches and how. Compare them and discuss.

Now, read these Imaginary Inaugural Addresses. They were written on 5 November 2012, just before finding out who the new President would be.

Compare both addresses, find similarities and differences, think of their communicative approach. Who is the best communicator? How are they playing with their speeches? 
The importance of their words and phrases is a key issue. Discuss.

Comments are always welcome, too!

Articles from The New York Times.
Video clips from the politicians' YouTube Channels.

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