Monday, 5 November 2012

A Recipe

That's English. M6

Write a recipe of your favourite dish or the dish you cook the best. List the ingredients, and make a small paragraph explaining all the steps to prepare the dish.

Send me the paragraph, so I can assess it.

Be careful! Think that you are writing for an audience that can’t cook so you must explain everything in detail.

After writing the recipe (about 80 – 100 words), go into the kitchen and cook it!!!!! 

Record yourself while you are cooking and explain what you are doing, as on a TV cookery show.

When you feel ready, upload the video to Youtube and let me know its URL. Write it here, on the Comments textbox.

I will publish all your recipes on our classroom blog.

And remember: Enjoy!!!!


  1. Hello! Today I am going to explain how to make a Spanish omelette. It is one of most famous dish in Spain.

    The main ingredients are:
    - 5 eggs.
    - 1 kg of potatoes.
    - 2 cupful of olive oil.
    - A pinch of salt.

    The instructions to cook it are:
    - First, wash and cut the potatoes.
    - Secondly, break the eggs into a bowl, and mix them with a fork.
    - Then, pour the olive oil in a frying pan and fry the potatoes.
    - When the potatoes are fried, remove the oil and add the eggs to the frying pan.
    - After, add the salt and wait for the egg is done.
    - Now, we turn the omelette using a plate. Be careful! The omelette can break!
    - Wait a few minutes and when it is ready, put it in a dish.

    The omelette is ready for eat! But my advice is to eat warm, I like more!

    That is all for today! Greetings to all!

    1. Thanks for sharing your recipe here, Diego!

  2. I really enjoy cooking. I like to cook new dishes, but my favorite dish is Paella. I like to make different types of rice. Well, here is one of my rice recipes.
    For four servers you need the next ingredients to make this recipe:
    Four cupfuls of rice
    Half an onion
    One green pepper
    A handful of peas
    100 grams of chicken breast
    100 grams of pork
    Food coloring
    A pinch of salt
    Chicken soup
    Olive oil
    Cooking instructions.
    First wash and chop the onion and the pepper; then reserves. Cut the chicken, the pork and the sausages in small pieces.
    Heat about three spoonfuls of olive oil in a saucepan. When the oil is very hot fry all the chicken, pork and sausages with a pinch of salt and stirs all the time. After five minutes, lower the stove and add the chopped onion and pepper.
    After ten minutes, add the rice and stirs to mix everything well. Sprinkle some more salt and add eight cupfuls of chicken soup. Increase heat to boil the soup and cook just for twenty minutes. When the mix has been simmering for ten minutes add the food coloring.
    Serving instructions.
    When the Paella is ready, wait five minutes to serve. Add a pinch of parsley and put in the middle of the table.
    You are ready to enjoy!

    1. Thanks a lot, for sharing your cooking skills!


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