Monday, 19 November 2012

A family photo

Have a look at the photo below.

Imagine that you want to send this family photo to one of your friends. Write a brief description, saying who is who, where they are placed, what family relationship they hold and any other details you may find relevant (100 words).

When you feel ready, post your description into the Comments textbox.

Then, record your description using our Voice mail.


  1. Hi Mark! I send you this British Royal Family's photo. I am going to explain who they are:

    People who are sitting are the main members of the Royal Family. Queen Elizabeth and her husband Prince Philip are in the center. Prince Charles and his wife Camilla are beside them. Prince Charles is Queen Elizabeth's son. Prince William is next to Prince Charles. He is married with Kate Middleton, she is very popular in Britain. Prince Harry is next to Camilla. British people gossip about his private life because he has an unhealthy life sometimes, he often gets drunk... Prince William and Prince Harry are Prince Charles and Camilla's sons.
    The other children of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip are Andrew, Edward and Anne (she is the only daughter).

    Well, that is the main thing you should know about British Royal Family.

    See you soon.

    1. Thank you for sending me the photo, Diego, I really enjoyed it.
      I see that Prince William is married to Kate Middleton.
      And I'm sorry to hear that Prince Harry is not leading a very appropriate lifestyle.
      I don't think Prince William and Prince Harry are Camila's sons, but just Prince Charles' ones.

      Keep on writing!


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