Sunday, 14 October 2012


Directed by Tom Hooper
Screenwriter David Seilder
Music by Alexandre Desplot
Genre: historical drama
Main actors:
- Colin Firth as George VI King of England
- Geoffrey Rush as Lionel Logue
- Helena Bonham Carter as Elisabeth Bowes-Lyon, Duchess of York
- Michel Gambon as King George V
- Guy Pearce as King Edward VIII
- Eve Best as Wallis Simpson

This moving film is set in England in the 20th-century. It begins with the coronation of Prince Albert and the second son of King George V, Prince George, who is reading a closing speech at the British Empire Exhibition in 1925.
He is desperate because of his stammering; therefore, his wife Elisabeth, Duchess of York, persuades him to meet Lione Logue, an Australian speach therapist who works in London
At the begining of their sessions, Price George thinks that there is little prospect of improving his speech. They start working with muscular relaxation tecniques and breath control. They soon become friends and confidents.
When King George dies, Prince Albert ascends to the throne as King Edward VIII. He wants to get married to an American divorcee called Wallis Simpson. Prince George reminds his brother that he can't marry a divorced woman. They argue and King Edward makes fun of his brother because of his speech impediment. Finally King Edward has to abdicate in favour of his brother. 
In September 1939, war breaks out between Great Britain and Germany. King George VI has to prepare a speech for British people and he asks Logue for help because of the importance of broadcasting to the modern monarchy. The film ends when King George makes his  speech successfully without stammering.
I think one of the most memorable scenes is when King George and his family go out on the balcony of Buckingham Palace to see all the people who are there to support him. They applaud the effort that he has made to overcome his speech impediments.


  1. Thanks ever so much, Soraya, for your effort and for posting it yourself on our classroom blog, well done!


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