Wednesday, 17 October 2012

The Iron Lady, by David F. Marques


THE IRON LADY is a 2011 British biographical film based on Margaret Thatcher's life. Margaret, Baroness THATCHER, Prime minister of the United Kingdom and the only woman ever to have held the post,was nicknamed THE IRON LADY because from youth she was a very clear and determined woman
She was one of the greatest politicians in the last century, but the film shows us a much more intimate point of view,trivial conversations with her husband who died years ago. During these passages,the result of her illness, loneliness and hallucinations, she isn't that powerful Prime Minister any more. Perhaps this is the main sign on Thatcher's disease,her senile dementia, her big difficulty to distinguish between the past and the present. To put it in a nutshell, the film works on a viewpoint about M.Thatcher's human life rather than her figure of Margaret the politician.
One of the most provoking scenes is when she was already retiredwent shopping and came unnoticed by the rest of the citizens, it's incredible for a woman that was the great leader not only in THE UK ,but also in all the world,another memorable scene was when she came into the House of Commons surrounded only by men,a woman that took such a hard decision about the Falklands War or the savage strikes by the Trade Unions too was without doubt a determined and brave woman and HOWEVER now was a delicate old woman that always missed her husband.
I have to stick out the actress MERYL STREEP,her performance was widely acclaimed and considered to be of the finest of her career.I liked very much the soundtrack too,composed by Thomas Newman.
I want to finish with a right sentence " The big men (in this case womenare reraly isolated tops.They are summits of mountain chains "SHE was a great leader but her FATHER (A POLITICIAN TOO) and her HUSBAND were necessary.


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