Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Gadgets and Apps

Watch a short film about a gadget or an app called Sight.

Think about what the advantages and disadvantages of Sight might be and discuss what Sight is. You can write your thoughts on the Comments section if you like.

Have you ever heard about Project Glass? Now, you are going to watch a video about Project Glass. Think about how this project is similar to Sight.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of augmented reality gadgets and apps? Discuss.

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  1. Sight seems to be an ocular implanted device that allows you to receive extra information of the things you have in sight, to play games and display simulations of reality. I haven't understood how it is controled, I supose it's a neural link.
    The story they tell is interesting. I have understood in the end he hacks the girl accesing to her software, but it can be too that she is another simulation.
    A system like this has a lot of advantages. You can access the information you need at the very same moment. I see a problem that we can watch in the story: there's a layer of information between you and reality, this means your emotional distance increases. The natural human empathy can be erased in front of immediate information.
    I think Sight is a little disturbing for me because I think it can be real in some decades. I am a rol player, and I remember when, only ten years ago, playing Cyberpunk, we talked about a device everyone have called “Comlink”. It was a fantasy, but years later we found it in our common lifes: it was a smartphone with internet acces. The neural connection is still not good enought to allow a “Sight” system of control, but I think it can be done in some years.

    Augmented reality is a fact, it will be implanted in some years. I can not believe the time when it was only in my fantasy.
    I see a lot of advantages, but all goes arround the extra information. It can help you to move with more agility in your common life.
    The problem I see is that it can be distracting. I'm sure the day it will be implanted there will be a lot of accidents for watching videos while crossing the street. I'm sure too that the companies will not loose the oportunity and we are going to be bombed with a lot of commercials through this new media.

    1. Lovely comment, Mauge, thanks ever so much!
      Just take into account the spelling of role, and also that everyone is third person singular, so you should use has instead of have after it.
      Careful with the plural form of life, it is lives. Then, the rest of misprints, such as enought instead of enough, or can not instead of cannot, and loose instead of lose, I understand is due to being in a hurry.
      Keep on working, good job!
      All the best


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