Thursday, 28 June 2012

Ben or Elizabeth, that is the question


You are going to watch seven people being interviewed about Big Ben. Listen and answer the questions below.

1.       Which question are they asked?

2.       How many interviewees give a positive answer and how many provide a negative answer?

3.       Which is the most positive reaction and which is the least positive one about the proposal? Give details.

4.       Where is The Victoria Tower and why is it called like that?

5.       Who is focusing on Big Ben and why?

6.       Do you think the proposal will eventually succeed? In your opinion, is it a good idea? Why/Why not? Leave your comments.

When you feel you are ready, use this answer key sheet and check how well you have done.


  1. I’ve read that the Tower has already been renamed. I personally believe that the proposal shouldn’t have been approved by MPs, because The Clock Tower is known all over the World as The Big Ben, being in fact one of the most famous tourist attractions. It is a big mistake to change its name, since the Tower’s history doesn’t have anything to do with Queen Elizabeth’s Monarchy and many other things could have been done to celebrate her Diamond Jubilee, such as erecting a statue or a building.

  2. Thanks for passing by while on holidays, Elena!
    I guess Old Big Ben will always be Big Ben, after all.


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