Monday, 9 April 2012

A wall of books

23 April is World Book and Copyright Day
You are invited to take part in this activity to celebrate the day: A Wall of Books

This is a 'literary' wall. The pins will be used to build a wall of books for display and used to promote reading.
On the wall please pin your favourite book and why you like it.  You could pin any book or title, a favourite from childhood, a current book or something to you’ve read and enjoyed. All the pins can be embedded in the school's or classroom blogs, sites, wikis ..., etc.

If you’d like to become a contributor on our Pinterest wall, just register on Pinterest, let me know who you are (you can do it on the Comments section just below) and I’ll add your name on A Wall of Books.
If you simply would like to suggest a book, let me know the URL through a comment just below this entry, or use Twitter hashtag #awallofbooks and I will pin it for you together with the reason why you like the book.
Thank you for your time, effort and cooperation.


  1. Ok. I'm not wise enought to understand how Pinterest works and pin a book on the wall. So, I will put it there.

    Small gods, by Terry Pratchett

    And, in these days, it became that the great god Om came to the earth to bring the word to the chosen one, and the word was "Ey, you! Are you deaf, boy?"

    A god finds that his divine plans had fallen at some moment, and he has to fix all with the help of the last of his believers. The characters are memorable, the situations hilarious, and there's a great wisdom in the story. How a god wined the right to be worshipped.

    I am a big fan of this writer. I couldn't wait for the translation and I read it in English some years ago.

    By the way, I'm Eugenia, from the Luarca B2+

  2. Never mind, Eugenia, I'll pin it for you, thanks a lot for the cooperation!


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