Thursday, 12 April 2012

Mr. Happy Man. From Film English

Have a look at the photo below. Describe the man and speculate about his life and character.

You are going to watch a short film called Mr. Happy Man about this man from the picture above, Johnny Barnes. Before watching, in groups, discuss about the answers for the questions below.

Why do you think Johnny is so happy?
What do you think you will see in this film?
What do you think people will say about him?
What do you think he will say is the secret of happiness?

After watching the film, compare your answers in 2 to what you see and hear in the film.
Read the following quotes from Johnny about happiness and love. Discuss the quotes in groups.

The secret of happiness is helping others. Complete the following sentence with your own thoughts:

The secret of happiness is Then, in couples discuss your sentences.

Now, you are going to watch a video which is a mash-up of clips from experts at various disciplines talking about the secret of happiness. Compare your own sentences about the secret of happiness with what the experts say.

Finally, write a composition titled The secret of happiness. Try to use some of the vocabulary and expressions that you have come across in the lesson.

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