Thursday, 19 April 2012

How Little Mole got his trousers

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Title: How Little Mole got his trousers 

By: Eduard Petiska

Publisher: Albatros.

This is a story after the cartoon with the same title, which won a Silver Lion in Venice.
Krtek (mole in Czech) yearns for a pair of trousers with big pockets, to put all the things he finds when he is digging.
As he doesn’t know where to get them, he asks different animals in the country: the frog, tailor bird, crayfish, snail… (a great number of animals) When he is about to give up, a plant, flax, gives him all the instructions to follow in order to get these trousers.

This is a story of friendship and solidarity among animals and shows the process of linen obtaining, which is very pedagogical for children.
My pupils liked it a lot and I liked it too because of the rich vocabulary, the tender illustrations and the adequate explanations in order for the children to understand the origins of linen.

The cartoon, very famous in the Czech Republic, was published in over 80 countries, and there are many others with the same character.

By Conchita. B2+


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