Sunday, 5 February 2012





The aim of this report is to evaluate student satisfaction with the four-week study trip to Brighton in the United Kingdom, organized by The British School, and to make suggestions for improvements that could be made in future experiences.

Testing students' speaking satisfaction.

All the students took advantage of the opportunity to practise their English speaking skills. However, the ones who stayed with families were more satisfied that the ones who stayed in halls of residence with their classmates, because the first ones were able to speak more in daily situations than the second ones. It would be more preferable for practising, to live with English families than in residences, so we suggest persuading students to choose this way of accommodation in order to get the highest benefit.

The classes

The general view is that classes were high quality. The majority of the students considered the contents were useful and teachers led the lessons in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere playing games, watching videos and talking. As regards class length, most students think they were too long and it would be preferable for classes to last less than six hours and, in this way, give students more opportunities to practise in real situations. As for the lunch, many students complained about poor and scanty food. Spanish people usually have more than a sandwich for lunch, so I strongly recommend changing the menu.

Leisure time

In general, students rated the weekend cultural programmes slightly successful. Although it is true that trips to London and Oxford were great, including visits to attractive and well-known places, some of the students found Bath and Strantford boring. Another drawback to cultural programmes is that too much sightseeing, while interesting, didn’t leave enough free time for shopping.


Overall, we could say that the majority of the students think the trip was a positive and satisfactory experience, although if the suggested changes are implemented it will be even a better way to improve their skills.


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