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The purpose of this report is to assess student satisfaction with the four-week study trip to Cambridge, and how it could be made better for the next year.
Students who stayed with families are much happier than those who stayed in other accommodation, because after the lessons, once back at home, they could continue speaking to reinforce their skills and encourage conversation with the host family. We believe it would be far preferable for accommodation to stay with families than to stay in the halls of residence.
The classes and meals
In general, students rated the school and classes good. Their main criticisms were about lunch: the general view is that a sandwich was just a bit scarce. As for the duration of classes, they were usually six hours a day and some students regarded that as being too long. Moreover, they suggested spending more time doing either cultural or sport activities so as to get to know each other better, or even to meet new people and improve their level of English.
Weekend programmes
It is generally considered that the weekend cultural programmes could be more attractive for young people. They really enjoy the trips to London and Oxford because they could visit the main sights in the UK. On the other hand, they suggest that the trips to Bath and Stratford should be changed because they felt tired and bored. Furthermore, we strongly recommend other more stimulating and rewarding weekend activities .
Overall, the majority of students are extremely positive about the trip although the general view is that certain improvements need to be made. It would be a good idea for the next year to provide more free time where people could meet, do other activities and also do shopping. This would encourage people to increase the students' interest in the English language and culture and improve their social life.


  1. Nice report to take into account when travelling abroad with students!


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