Thursday, 23 February 2012

The good wife


Before watching:
Have you ever heard of this TV series?
Do you know what famous case it is based on?
What do you think about law and order in your country? Would such a case end up in trial in Spain?

While watching:
What relationship should both women have at work?
What priviledge can men afford, which women can't?
Why does it apply double to the good wife?
How can their firm be compared to other firms?
What is pro-bono work? Why is the good wife in charge of it now?
Summarize the first case she's going to court with. Give as many details as possible of the briefing you hear.

After watching:
Rules and regulations in your country/region/town.
Name those that affect your daily lives and discuss whether you agree with them or not. If none come to your mind, think for instance, about smoking, under-age prohibitions, city rules, and so on.
Which would you change? How? Any suggestions to settle disputes over them once and for all?

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