Friday, 3 February 2012

A four-week trip to Whitstable


 A four-week trip to Whitstable

The main aim of this report is to assess the four-week trip CP Luarca students have made to Whiststable (Kent, England) and to make suggestions for improving future study trips.
Whitstable (Kent, England)

Most students were satisfied with their accommodation although we believe students who were accommodated with families were much happier than the ones who stayed in the residence because they were able to speak to the families a bit and they participated in British lifestyle.

About the classes and the school, they were satisfied because the classes were very participative and dynamic: plays, songs or acting were very common in the lessons. As regards the school, they were equipped with all the latest technology and all kind of materials.
The School

The main criticisms were of the lunch they received because they didn’t consider it enough, just a sandwich. We propose that two or three days a week the students could have cookery courses cooked meals with British typical recipes, so as to try.
 As regards the weekend cultural programmes, people were not very keen on some places as Bath and Stanford because they were bored there so, we propose that they visit other places next time or perhaps, other kind of activities as ice-skating, sailing or riding in the same places and time for shopping in each visit, they could go to a shopping centre where they could have free time although the teachers will keep an eye on them.   On the other hand,   they totally agreed with the London and Oxford weekends.
"The Old Neptune" a lovely place
Overall, the majority of the students consider the trip extremely positive for their improvement of English and feel that if the suggested changes are implemented on the trip, it will be the perfect activity for next course.

Graciela Suárez Díaz. 2nd advanced level.


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