Thursday, 9 February 2012

California condors

You are going to watch a video about the California condor.

Useful vocabulary:
·         to nest: to build or use a nest, especially to keep the eggs and babies in.
·         to fledge: to grow the plumage necessary for flight.
·         To hatch: for birds or insects, to come out of the egg.

Choose the best answer for each of the following questions.

1 . From fossil evidence we know that there used to be California condors ...
a)    in New York State.
b)   in Florida.
c)    in the east of the Rocky Mountains.
d)   in British Columbia.

2  Their habitat grew smaller due to...
a)    lack of food.
b)   climate change.
c)    poaching.
d)   human presence.

3 . By 1987, the California condor population...
a)    had shrunk dramatically.
b)   was limited to six counties.
c)    had abandoned Santa Barbara.
d)   had been reduced by disease.

4 . Which of the following is true about California condors today?
a)    All of them are in a captive breeding programme.
b)   About 150 are free-flying.
c)    the free-flying condors live in Arizona.
d)   There are almost 300 of them.

5 . California condors...
a)    are about 50 inches long.
b)   weigh 45 lb.
c)    are 9 feet tall.
d)   have a wingspan of 20 inches.

6 . As they grow older...
a)    they lose the feathers on their heads.
b)   the skin of their heads grows thicker.
c)    their heads change colour.
d)   the feathers on their bodies turn yellow.

7 . Condors
a)    change mate frequently.
b)   don't nest every year.
c)    place their nests on tree tops.
d)   hatch after 36 days.

8 . The parents look after their young for over _____ months.
a)    three
b)   five
c)    six
d)   twelve

9 . the narrator sounds ____ about the future of this species.
a)    optimistic.
b)   pessimistic.
c)    doubtful.
d)   elated.

10 . Which of the following is mentioned as a potential danger for condors?
a)    wrong government policies.
b)   drought.
c)    lead poisoning.
d)   illegal commerce.

When you are happy with your work, check your score using this answer key sheet.

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