Tuesday, 31 January 2012

News report

Read the news report below and guess the different structures used to express the future. Then, write a comment with the structures you have guessed and I'll let you know if you were right or wrong.

One of the most talked-about matches in the history of tennis is due to take place this evening in NY. Current world number one Jokovic is to face his long-term rival Rafa Nadal in what is going to be a long and tough struggle for the top spot, according to commentators. Their last match was a narrow defeat for Nadal. 'I have worked extremely hard to come this far, and this time I'm almost 100% sure I'm about to become the most highly-ranked player in the competition', Rafa commented in a pre-match press conference. When asked about his predictions for the match, Jokovic replied: ' I've never been on better form and I'm going to show Nadal who is the boss, who is Number One, just like last time'.
The match begins at six p.m. local time.

Adapted from New English File Teacher's Book. Advanced.

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