Wednesday, 25 January 2012

I wish I could go travelling again

Listen to the song once.

Decide on what travel-related problems the singer mentions.

Feeling tired after a long-haul flight
Rude waiters
Flight overbooking
Losing a suitcase
Being robbed
Almost missing a flight
Being irritated by a travelling companion
Disappointing food
Bad weather
Unsatisfactory accommodation
Crowded beaches

Listen again and find words in the song which mean:

1.       Sunglasses noun (informal)
2.       Drink, taking very small amounts each time verb
3.       A sheet of strong cloth that stretches out from above a door or window to keep off the sun or rain noun
4.       To become lost /stolen
5.       Not impressed, excited or worried about sth, because you have seen or experienced it many times before adj
6.       Go somewhere suddenly and quickly verb
7.       Not perfect; not working correctly adj
8.       Too expensive, costing more than it is worth adj
9.       ~ of sth, completely lacking in sth

Adapted from New English File Teacher’s Book Advanced.


  1. what travel-related problems the singer mentions:

    -Feeling tired after a long-haul flight.
    -Rude waiter.
    -Losing suitcase.
    -Bad weather.
    -Unsatisfactory accomodation.

    1- shades
    2- to sip
    3- anwing
    4- astray
    5- blasé

    Graciela Suárez Díaz 2nd advanced level
    6- to dash

    1. OK, all correct, but what about 7, 8, and 9?

  2. Ups...I have forgotten! I´ll post later. sorry

  3. 7- faulty
    8- overpriced
    9- devoid of


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