Monday, 30 January 2012

Does Dickens still have something to say today?

Listen to him on his 200th birthday and check for yourself how Mr Charles Dickens' universal viewpoints are still relevant to our world today.

'Well, well, well, here I am, back to chronicling society, the 21st century society, to celebrate my birthday.
And what have I discovered? Lots of odd issues; all predictable, though.
For instance, the rise and fall of Goldman Sachs.
Just as some of my wealthy characters in Little Dorrit lost their investments when the seemingly almighty institution Merdles Bank fails, so have thousands of clients lost theirs, due to Goldman Sachs failure.

And the crisis, oh, the world financial crisis ... I just wonder why my Micawber Principle in David Copperfield hasn't been applied more often.' 

Quite adamant, Mr Charles Dickens, isn’t he?

Why don’t you read some of his works and try to find other issues in them that are still relevant to your own world?
Please leave your comments, or, if you feel like it, become Charles Dickens yourself and create some more chronicles.


  1. Have you realized that Dickens is back in town?
    Don't miss him!:

  2. Mercedes Martín says:
    'Dickens has a lot to tell us in these uncertain financial times. His speech is still prevalent as he knew all about a credit crisis. And his novels could help us to get through this one.
    It is easy to find many parallels to his novels and the current crisis we are living nowadays. His novel Little Dorrit resembles to credit-crunch in Britain.
    The world Dickens represents knows a lot about scrambling for credit, financial scandals and panic to lose everything. There are descriptions of market speculations, characters like accountants of a financial meltdown, points of view of a currency trader. But overall, there are victims of the system. From these characters we can learn how to survive and triumph over the crisis we are living in'.

  3. Rosa says:
    'Charles Dickens was not a writer whose popularity arose after his death. The lack of money from the people of the time had never stopped him from sending lots of novels.
    His stories were published in short instalments cheap enough for people with few resources to buy them. So interesting were his works that public was looking for them with expectation.
    Dickens has also been praised for his concern for social reform, which was transmitted through his work.
    His popularity had not been dulled by time and his novels have never gone out of print,
    In conclusion, Dickens made English people happier in times when money was scarce'.


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