Saturday, 29 January 2011

Advanced ESL students working with ICT

If you are one my advanced students, Year 1, have a look at yourself working with ICT.

Our experience has been published by the Ministry of Education on one of their blogs.


Thursday, 27 January 2011

Billy Elliot. A burning ambition

Watch the video and then try to answer the questions on the presentation below.

Dr. Scary

Click on the picture, read the story below and put the verbs in the right form. Sometimes, there is more than one possibility.

Text from New English File Teacher’s Book Advanced

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Getting to know yourself

Here is a bit of practice about describing people, their personality and traits. Just click on the picture below and start with the activities.

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Making changes

If you’d like to get some extra practice about narrative tenses, including used to, here you are this fully interactive lesson for you to try.

Thursday, 13 January 2011


Surf the BBC memoryshare. Use the scroll bar at the side of the graphic display to move through the timeline. Then click on the icons to read about people’s memories from that particular time. Note that these are memories submitted by the public, and may contain spelling errors.

Finally, if you feel like it, add your own memory, why not?
Listen to this BBC radio programme about smells and memories.

Then, download this worksheet and answer the listening comprehension questions.

Finally, you can check your answers and figure out your score if you downlad this answer key.

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Gifted children. Video watching for Advanced ESL students

Listening comprehension activity about gifted children.

If you couldn’t come to class and you haven’t done it yet, here you are a second chance to get your hands on it. Just unzip the file and you’ll find the video clip, the comprehension questions and the answer key.

Please do not have a look at the answer key before doing the exercise!

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Review about The British Museum is falling down, by Cristina Morilla

The British Museum is falling down is a comic novel about one day in the life of Adam Appleby, a twenty-five graduate student who is working in the British Museum on a thesis about the structure of long sentences in modern English novels, where he can research in the books of the Reading Room.
He is married to Barbara and they had three children very early. Now he is terrified because his wife might be pregnant again, he doesn’t have a paid work and their flat isn’t large enough for their increasing family. Adam is also worried about his sex life: they are Catholic and because of that the only way to avoid a new pregnancy is having sexual intercourse in the “Safe Period”, which is calculated recording Barbara’s temperature each morning. However, they had proved that this method isn’t really safe. With such worries he can’t concentrate on his research.
This day many unexpected and strange circumstances happen to Adam. He doesn’t have any clean pants and he has to wear Barbara’s pants.
A doorkeeper asks for his annual Reading Room Ticket, it is out of date, the officers who are in charge of renewing it don’t understand Adam and he ends up fainting.
He feels the necessity of phoning his wife to know if she can confirm her possible pregnancy, some calls cross and confusion happens being Adam responsible for a firemen intervention in the British Museum because of a false fire alarm.
He receives a letter from a woman who has got some documents about the Catholic Egbert Merrymarsh that could be very valuable for his research, but he could only get them if he paid for them a sum of money he can’t afford. The woman’s virgin daughter gives Adam the manuscript and a kind of diary after she tries to seduce him.
He goes to a party and manages to speak with somebody close to the supervisor of the British Museum and convinces him to give Adam a job in the museum. Nevertheless, there is a misunderstanding and Adam loses the former opportunity. Them he stumbles and falls to the floor in front of every guest.
Finally his scooter catches fire with some of the documents which the virgin had given him. Suddenly an American man who Adam had met that morning appears offering to take him home and a job in a future museum he is going to set up.
The epilogue of the book consists of Barbara’s thoughts, written as a monologue in a long sentence, very difficult to understand from my point of view.
I think the novel is funny because of Adam’s frustration about his sex life and his religious devotion. It seems unlikely that there was someone with such bad luck in the same day. But it seems to be unfinished.