Tuesday, 13 December 2011

The hottest place on earth

Watch the video clip below and try to answer the comprehension questions.

1. What kind of area lies in this valley?
2. What is this desert like? Perhaps ...
3. Mention what volcanoes and earthquakes continually do to earth.
4. What is the official label of this place?
5. Is the area populated at all? If so, who lives there?
6. What's the aim of the narrator's trip?
7. What does survival depend on in the community they're visiting?
8. Where will the journey take them first?
9. Which further step will they take afterwards?
10. How did the Afar call this place?

When you feel ready, check your result with this answer key sheet.


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  2. Thanks a lot, and congrats on yours too! I'll add it to my blog list right now, Carmen!


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