Monday, 28 November 2011



I do hate Christmas! I look at other people, and I think “I must be a freak in this too”. But, I really hate Christmas! No matter how hard I try, I can’t see the point of being happy while celebrating Christmas. Moreover, I also hate the terrible cold weather, how much it rains or how early it gets dark at Christmas time. To make things even worse, during these days my house is always full of people, so I have to share my room with my stupid brother. Like in previous years, all my uncles and cousins are going to come and I’m afraid they will destroy my poor toys as usual. At least, last year I still had my dog Whisky with me for chatting.  But this time, I know it’s going to be horrible.
Nevertheless, the worst thing is the way all my teachers behave when Christmas is approaching. Everybody, all at once, seems to agree to ask for something special for the hateful Christmas. My Arts teacher wants us to design some original Christmas cards for everyone; my Music teacher asks us to compose a carol with an original melody; my Language teacher demands to draft an original Christmas story; my Technology teacher wants us to create an ornament with an original design to decorate our classroom; my French teacher invites us to sing carols in French,… I think I will go nuts!
         At least, last Christmas I had my Christmas gifts (I always get lots of toys those days). However, yesterday my mom saw me reading a brochure from a large toy store and she gave me one of her “lectures”; She explained to me that we were going through a global crisis, so we don’t have money for Christmas shopping this time, and she forced me to watch the television news with her to understand what she was talking about. All moms are a real bore, but this time I had to agree; they repeated hundreds of times words such as crisis, debt, global recession, unemployment or financial problems. The good thing for me is that I saw a happy man with a white beard that inspired me for the original work for my teachers. In the end, the punishment was worth it. I have found my secret original idea: I could have this man dressed up like Santa Claus... 

By Vicky, Advanced level. Year 2


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