Thursday, 27 October 2011

Eating habits. Intermediate level


Read the questions below and get ready for a speech about all these issues. Draft it and rehearse it carefully, try to plan everything, give details, link your sentences and keep on talking.

Do you like eating out? Why/Why not?

Are you a vegetarian? Do you know anybody who is? What kind of eating habits do they have? Do you agree with those habits? Why/Why not?

Have you ever been on a diet to lose weight? Can slimming diets become dangerous for your health?

Can you cook? Do you ever cook? If you do, do you enjoy cooking? Do you cook regularly or only on special occasions? What’s your favourite dish?

Record your speaking practice using Audacity, save it as an .mp3 file and mail it to your teacher. Your talk will be published on this blog.

If you feel confident enough so as to publish your own post, you are welcome. 

First, you must upload your speaking practice to an online storage site, for example, SoundCloud; then, copy the embed code and paste it to your blog entry; your teacher will mark your talk and send you the result.

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