Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Savouring Spa: The 2011 Formula 1 Shell Belgian Grand Prix


Watch the video clip in one go and name at least two issues about which both F1 drivers show the same viewpoints.

Watch the video again and compare the circuit; what it is like to drive at Spa nowadays according to Fernando Alonso and what it was like to drive there in the past.
Go on watching and answer these questions:

a. What makes Spa different both nowadays and in the past? 

b. Where does the beauty of Spa lie in?

c.  When did John Surtees give up racing?

d. What improvements has he missed since then?

e. Where is the balance to be found, according to John Surtees?

f. What do the Ferrari 156 and the 2009 F60 one have in common?

g. According to Fernando Asonso, what happens to F1 drivers in Spa and Monaco?

h. And, according to John Surtees?

Finally, watch it for the last time, and take down some of the mistakes Fernando Alonso makes when speaking in English.

When you are finished, you can check how well your listening comprehension has gone using this answer key sheet.

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