Friday, 10 December 2010

Review about The Diary of a Wimpy Kid, by Jose

Diary of a Wimpy Kid by Jeff Kiney
This book is a realistic fiction novel and it was recommended by our teacher so that we could improve our English.It is a kind of diary with lined pages where a middle school kid named Greg writes about his daily life. Everything happening is told and illustrated with comics in a funny way.Gregory Heffley is the main character, the “wimpy kid.” He lives in a house with his parents and his two brothers. Rodrick is the oldest and he is always annoying Greg. Manny, the youngest, is the pampered one of the family.The main idea of the story is how Greg deals with a variety of problems in his daily life. Relationships between siblings and friends at middle school age are also meaningful.The setting starts with the past summer time and then continues telling what happened from September to December. It all takes place in a city of America.Rodrick is the only one who knows a real humiliating thing that happened to Greg, so he is always blackmailing him about this embarrassing secret. Greg can’t ever tell on him and he continues with his miserable life, dealing with school, bullies, homework, and family.Greg’s parents are Ann and Frank. Ann loves romantic comedies and she is always coming up with systems of discipline. Frank likes playing with a miniature Civil War battlefield.Rodrick is all the time annoying Gregg and enjoys it. He has his own heavy metal band and an old van. Manny, is five years old, overprotected, fond of drawing and candy. He is often involving Greg into trouble. Roland Jefferson”Rowley” is Greg’s best friend and is a bit naive and goofy. Jeremy Pindle is new at school and got the “cheese touch” from Greg. Chirac Gupta who moved away from school and came back but everyone in school made a joke on him as if he was invisible. Alex Aruda is the smartest kid in the whole class and Christopher Ziegel just the opposite. Bill Walter is the lead singer of Rodrick’s band called “Loded Diper. He lives with his parents even though he is thirty-five years old.I like the story because it is told at a time in short stories in a funny way and the cartoons have helped me understand many words. I came back to my childhood and for a short moment I could feel like Greg.The book is an excellent choice highly recommended because it is amusing and easy to read. I have found lot of new words and useful expressions.The novel is written with a special sense of humour, full of funny comic strips that will help you understand.

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