Friday, 10 December 2010

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules, by Vicky

This book, DIARY OF A WIMPY KID: RODRICK RULES, tells the adventures and misfortunes of a boy called Greg: his family relationships, things that happen at school and with his friends, etc. His family is very special. The story begins in September, starting with his summer and telling that his older brother, Rodrick, had found his other diary and that his mother had bought him another one. His dad insisted that he joined the swimming team over the summer holidays, because his dad thinks that he is destined to be a great swimmer. But Greg hates swimming. His dad only really wants to hide out in the basement to work on his miniature Civil War battlefield, but this was very difficult in this family. Greg has many problems with his brother Rodrick, who always lies. And he also has problems with his younger brother Manny, whom his parents protect from their brothers. His mother tried to teach him to earn and to save money, and she wanted his children to be friends so she wanted them to spend more time together or she bought a game called Magic and Monsters for them. They all celebrated Thanksgiving day with relatives.At school he has problems because he has the Cheese Touch from last year. Another day, Greg and his friends begin a joke called Invisible Chirag where they pretend Chirag was invisible. Later, the Talent show takes place. Rodrick’s band, called Loaded Diaper gets in. The problem was, when Rodrick’s drum solo begins, Mom started dancing, and the camera focuses on her for the rest of the song. The book ends with Greg helping Rodrick make a science project, and he hopes Rodrick will think about how lucky he is to have a brother like him. I think it is a good book for children or for English students like me because it is easy to read. The most interesting things are the drawings that are explaining the events graphically: it is profusely illustrated with comics. It is funny to observe how children have different numbers of hairs in these drawings. I would recommend reading this book for parents with children of the same age, but I think that I would not read this kind of books in my free time. 

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