Friday, 10 December 2010

Diary of a wimpy kid review. Eduardo

This book is a diary where the narrator is a twelve or thirteen year-old American kid named Greg who tells what happens to him daily. He starts telling some things about his summer, and it finishes on December of the same year.
Greg isn’t a special boy. He is not the one who has the best marks or the smartest one, and he has “normal” parents. He tells in the book lots of things which happen to him, and the problems he has. Many of the situations told are normal situations for a kid of his age, although most of them are funny or absurd.
Greg lives at his home with his parents and his two brothers: Rodrick and Manny. Rodrick is older than him. He is very bad at school, and he loves heavy metal. He plays the drums in a band he has with his friends. Rodrick is always bothering Greg and they fight very often. That’s why the book is called “Rodrick’s rules”. In spite of that, at the end of the book, Greg recognizes that he loves Rodrick just for being his brother, and he helps him do a science project for school. Manny is the youngest one and their parents are always looking after him, so Greg can’t stannd him as Rodrick does with him. He is only three years old, and he sometimes breaks Greg’s things or games.
Rowley is Greg’s best friend. He is quite weird, and he has a little boy mind. Sometimes, Greg asks himself why he is his best friend. Rowley always imitates what Greg does. He even buys a diary just as his friend.
I think this book is easy to read and to understand, even although there are some colloquial expressions and some slang words. I found it interesting, and some of the absurd situations that we can read, they are very funny.

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