Sunday, 1 June 2008

York: The National Railway Museum

York was an important railway town in the early days of rail travel in Britain. Today it is home to the National Railway Museum. Watch the video clips to find out more about the museum. Then try the questions to check that you understand.

A postcard from York

York Glazier’s Trust

York Minster contains many old ’stained glass’ windows. Over time these windows become damaged by elements such as water and pollution. The job of the York Glazier’s trust is to repair the windows. It’s a very skilled profession.

Listen to the interview with Conservator Nick Teed then choose the correct word for each gap.

Watch and listen

The Teacher: Eye idioms.

The teacher goes to Buckingham Palace

Speaking software

English pronunciation commercial software packages for use in learning proper pronunciation, accent reduction and improving spoken English understarding skills. Click here.

Record your oral practice

Get free recording software, for instance, you can download and install Audacity in your computer. Then record your voice and export your speech in .mp3; don’t worry, Audacity does it for you.
Once you’ve saved your speech in your computer, you can let me have the audio file, so I can listen to you and see if you have improved your speaking skills during the summer.
Suggested topics:

How to give an oral report

Tips on making nice speeches. Click here.

How to write a letter of complaint

Read these instructions about sample letters of complaint. When you feel confident about writing your own, do it and publish it in the Comments textbox here. This is the complaint you must make:

You ordered some software for you computer by Internet. When you got the CD, it didn’t work on your computer. Write a complaint email to the company from which you bought it asking for a refund or for a brand new CD. 120-180 words.

Preintermediate level.

Personal Letters

Here you are some tips about how to write great personal letters. Read them carefully and then write your own personal letter about what you have been doing over your summer holiday. 120 - 180 words.

Preintermediate level

How to write a book report

Read these guidelines about book reports and then write your own report about a book that you’ve recently read in English. 120 - 180 words.

You can publish it here if you write it under the Comments textbox.

How to write a descriptive essay

Read these guidelines on descriptive essays and then build up your own essay whose beginning must be: I’ve always been fascinated by adventure holidays. 120-180 words.

Preintermediate level.
Read these guidelines about how to organize and write down a narrative essay. When you feel ready, publish a piece of writing on the following topic: The most important event in my life. 120-180 words.

Preintermediate level.

How to write a five paragraph essay

Read these guidelines about how to organize an essay in five paragraphs and then, produce your own essay on this topic: My pet is my best friend. 120-180 words.

Preintermediate level.

Writing: What’s a positive or a negative influence on our lives?

Visit the following website, complete the exercises, plan your writing task, become aware of what you need to do so as to build up a good piece of writing and, when you are ready, deal with a new writing about the following topic:

Is the mobile phone a positive or a negative influence on our lives? 120 - 180 words.

Preintermediate level.